Below you will find helpful information for any provider participating in the care of a baby planning to have a tongue/lip tie release procedure. Premier Lactation Services (PLS) has seen the best outcomes from procedures when the following are taken into consideration, in advance. Feel free to download and share this information with our mutual clients.

  • Mom and baby emotionally regulated
  • Pre-op visit with IBCLC
    – Stable milk supply (discuss management strategies with IBCLC
    – Age-appropriate weight gain (supplementation, if needed)
    – Started practicing strength and mobility exercises
    – Alternative feeding plan (not always needed but good to have in mind)
  • Baby has symmetrical and comfortable body
  • Family is committed to aftercare and understands the importance of wound management
  • Plan in place for post-operative pain control
  • Follow-up visit scheduled with IBCLC 3-5 days post-op and two weeks post-op


Did you know that Premier Lactation Services also offers prenatal appointments? A prenatal appointment can be especially helpful for your patients with identifiable risk factors for low milk supply including:

  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Hypertension or PIH
  • Thryroid or pituitary problem
  • History of PCOS or infertility
  • History of breast surgery
  • Obesity
  • No breast changes with pregnancy
  • Previous low milk supply

In addition to teaching the basics of latch, hand expression, and pumping, PLS can help your patients with a plan to mitigate existing risk factors. What we do:

  • Provide care in the home setting
  • Create an individualized care plan for each family
  • Complement existing maternity care
  • Decrease maternal stress levels by providing on-going support
  • Decrease the number problem calls for your office in post-partum period
  • Maximize the amount of colostrum and human milk to each baby

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