Insurance Information
  • Aetna Insurance is Accepted
  • All other Insurances require payment at time of appointment.
  • If your insurance is not accepted, PLS provides documentation to submit claims to insurance.
Aetna Insurance Members
Aetna allows for 6 consults free of cost sharing (no copays / no coinsurance.) Consults can include a prenatal breastfeeding class, home visits with infant weigh-ins, teach different hold techniques & other breastfeeding education for 6 weeks. We will reassure you when nursing is going well or notify you if anything needs changed before your milk supply is impacted.  Let us know if you would like to setup a 6 week appointment contract to guide you through your nursing journey.  

Please complete an Aetna Insurance Registration form HERE prior to consultation. Mother & Infant insurance must be verified prior to consult.  

  **NOTE** We are only able to accept Aetna Member ID's with the W prefix at this time. 
(Example: W123456789)

  • Schedule Recommendation: 
  • Week 1 Private, Prenatal Breastfeeding Class 
  • Week 2 Lactation Consult: Engorgement & Oral/Suck/Nursing Eval, 24-48hrs After Arrival Home
  • Week 3 Lactation Consult: First Growth Spurt/Milk Transfer 
  • Week 4 Lactation Consult: Review Nursing Positions/Milk Production Assessment 
  • Week 5 Lactation Consult: Review Introduction to Bottle & Pumping 
  • Week 6 Lactation Consult: Over-Active Let Down & Reflux Evaluation.