At PLS our goal is to meet with our clients within 24 hours of receiving your information. To help facilitate this we will send one of our consultants that is closest to you. Our registered lactation consultant's information and areas of service are listed below. We have summarized each of the different appointments with the pricing so that you will know what to expect during a visit.

When you are ready to schedule a consult, please print out and complete the Breastfeeding Questionnaire Form. If you are concerned with low or inadequate milk supply, please fill out both the Breastfeeding Questionnaire & Milk Supply Score Sheets. Have all forms completed prior to your consult.


Consultants & Areas of Service
PLS covers many areas of Northern Virginia for convenient local appointments. For information about our consultant's backgrounds & qualifications, see our "About Us" page in the menu above.
Jennifer de Franco, RN, RLC (IBCLC)
Consulting from her home office in Warrenton
Phone # 703-822-1690

Laura McCarthey RN, IBCLC
Serving Loudoun & Fairfax County
Phone # 571-722-6450
Rachel Crossen, BS, RLC(IBCLC)
Serving Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrenton, Strasburg, Fauquier, Front Royal & Warren Counties
Phone # 540-270-8230
In-Home Consults

Nursing mothers and their babies are welcome to schedule an In-Home consult. A typical 2 Hour In-Home consult agenda includes:   

  • Prompt Arrival for your appointment
  • Review Questionnaire & Intake Forms
  • Assessment of Breast/Nipple with IBCLC
  • Assessment of Mouth/Suck & Infant Weight
  • Observe Feeding at Breast, Troubleshoot & Nurse in Multiple Positions
  • Post-Feeding Weight (Calculate transfer)
  • Review your nursing "game plan" for success
  • Update the Client & Physician in 24 hours
  • Complimentary 2-6 weeks of phone/email follow-ups until breastfeeding success. 

In-Home Consult Pricing
Initial In-Home Consult
Follow-Up In-Home Consult
Travel Fee (Per Consult. Only applies if LC is over 20 miles away) $25
Office Consults

Nursing mothers and their babies are welcome to schedule an in-person consult at the home office of Jennifer de Franco RN, IBCLC located in Warrenton, VA. Please complete the Breastfeeding Questionnaire Form as well as the Low Milk Supply Evaluation Form if there are concerns about low milk supply. 

Comfortable nursing accommodations are provided as needed on a couch, rocker or bed.

Our 2 Hour In-Office consult agenda includes:  

  • Review Breastfeeding Questionnaire/Low Milk Supply & Consent/Insurance Forms
  • Assessment of Breast/Nipple with IBCLC
  • Assessment of Infants' Mouth/Suck with IBCLC
  • Pre-Feeding Infant Weight
  • Observe Feeding at Breast, Troubleshoot, Nurse in Multiple Positions
  • Post-Feeding Infant Weight (Calculate Milk Transfer)
  • Breast Pump Assessment (If Necessary)
  • Review "game plan" for successful nursing, including supple cup fitting
  • Complimentary 2-6 Weekly follow-ups via email/phone until successful feeding is established

Office Consults may also include a private pre-natal breastfeeding class, supple cup fitting for inverted or flat nipples., supplies are available at an additional cost if not covered by insurance.

Office Consult Address: 4475 Corral Road, Warrenton, VA, 20187

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am - 2:30pm (By Appointment Only)

Contact Jennifer de Franco for more information about scheduling an appointment.

Phone # 703-822-1690

In-Office Consult Pricing
Initial In-Office Consult
Follow-Up In-Office Consult
Phone Consults
Many mothers may not need a full home or office visit but may still have questions or concerns about breastfeeding or newborn behavior.  Jennifer de Franco, RN, IBCLC provides phone consults free of charge for those seeking lactation support & advice. A thorough Breastfeeding Assessment & game plan will be developed over the phone to assist in a successful breastfeeding experience. Many new mommies have been helped through phone consults and we can help you too. You are under no obligation to pay, however donations for phone consultations are accepted & appreciated. Only donate if you are completely satisfied with the provided advice and information. 
Phone # 703-822-1690

Phone Consult Suggested Donations
30 Minute Phone Consult
60 Minute Phone Consult
90 Minute Phone Consult

Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Our 90 minute private prenatal breastfeeding classes are done in the comfort of your own home, on your furniture, with your pillows.  We want to mirror what it will be like at your home when you return from the hospital. This involves holding your breast, infant behavior and what to expect when nursing.  Moms LOVE it!  We provide individual care that can't be learned in a room with 10 other couples. You and your babe are individuals that need tailored breastfeeding classes for your specific needs. We can also answer any specific questions you may have as well.

Class consists of the following: 

  • Health and Previous Breastfeeding Experience History 
  • Breast/Nipple Exam
  • Supple Cup Fitting (If Necessary)
  • How to Prevent Low Milk Supply 
  • How to Survive the Hospital Stay 
  • Breast Milk Production Normals 
  • Review of all Positions:  Cradle, Cross-cradle, Football, Side-ly, and Reclined (with a doll)
  • Pumping and Going Back to Work
  • How to use a bottle
  • What to Expect
  • Answers to all of your questions

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class Pricing
90 Minute Breastfeeding Class*
*Supplies Available For An Extra Fee

Supple Cup Fittings

Supple Cups aid in correcting flat & inverted nipples for proper breastfeeding. One of nature’s gifts is being able to breastfeed your baby, but for some mothers this is not always possible. Supple Cups help a baby latch-on by gently stretching the nipple. For many mothers this is a new and permanent solution for flat and inverted nipples. Supple Cups can reduce breastfeeding problems for many mothers. Your baby gets a deeper latch and has fewer problems latching on. Supple Cups will aid in correcting inverted nipples, and can also reduce edema and engorgement when a normal nipple is flattened. Supple Cups can be worn starting at 37 Weeks prenatally so as to give your nipples the time they need to slowly and gently stretch prior to the birth of your baby.  They work by creating a gentle vacuum from within, pulling the nipple into the Supple Cup.

We call it The Supple Way : Supple Cups + Breast Shells = Easier Latch

Supple Cup Fitting Appointments Include:

  • Breast & Nipple Exam
  • Supple Cup Fitting (5 Sizes Available)
  • Medela Breast Shells for Concealment
  • Sample Pack of Lanolin for Supple Cups

Supple Cups Fitting Pricing
In-Home Appointment / Travel Fee
Supply Kit = Supple Cups ($20), Breast Shells ($15)& Lanolin Sample Pack (Free)